Treadmill Vs Bike: Who Is The Winner?

January 3, 2019
Bike vs Treadmill

Are you having a headache because of making a choice: treadmill vs bike? So you absolutely have a reason to read our article right away.

Exercise bikes and treadmill are the most effective home gym equipment today. The reason is that they help burn calories quickly and have the effect of eliminating excess fat and losing weight thoroughly which is preferred by many people. Besides, they can also make your body balanced, prevent many types of diseases, and strengthen cardiovascular health.

Are you trying to choose between treadmill and bike but don’t know much about them?

You are not alone. Many people are also stuck in this question. Therefore, we write this article to compare these two types of exercise machines. Let’s explore.

Bike vs Treadmill

Treadmill Basic

Jogging on the treadmill is a good choice for those who want to improve their health and burn significant energy. This is a simple form of training, easy to practice suitable for all subjects. Physical each person different, so the exercise method is also different.

If you have a good physical body, you can run a lot and are still not tired. Minh Dien knows that you like to run like that because you feel comfortable. Choose the right exercises, listen to your body, then you can run anytime you want without causing injury to your body.

Treadmill Workout

Treadmill Workout

Currently due to climate, weather plus the nature of work, the need to use the treadmill to run more and more.

Unlike walking, jogging will use 2.5 times more energy than walking. So jogging on the treadmill is suitable for people who want to lose weight. Remember that the more energy you use, the more calories your body burns. Even if the same energy is used, jogging still tends to burn calories better.

Bike Basic

Biking with an exercise bike is also a great form of exercise. It is also muscle-related aerobic exercise activity. Maintaining a regular exercise routine, especially cycling every day for each person will bring different effects to the body.

According to Just Not Sports, cycling will help children have a healthy bone system, and thus height will also be developed; however, cycling helps older people to strengthen bone resilience and relieve the condition of osteoarthritis.

Treadmill Vs Bike: Who Is The Winner?

Calories Burned

Hirofumi Tanaka, a professor at the Institute of Biological Studies and director of the Cardiovascular Research Department at the University of Texas (Austin, USA), said that both running on the treadmill or cycling are greats form of exercise.

Both are muscle-related aerobic exercise activities. However, there are some differences between the two, and this has an effect on other activities. According to Dr. Tanaka, running on the treadmill consumes more calories per minute than riding a bike, and the weight reduction also varies depending on the intensity of exercise.

According to American College of Sports Medicine, a 68 kg person running 1.5 km on the treadmill in 7 minutes (13 km / h) will burn about 1.000 calories per hour. Meanwhile, walking requires little energy, only about 360 calories per hour at a speed of 6 km / h. But also with that person, cycling at 25-27 km / h will burn about 850 calories.

Besides, increasing the running speed can help you burn more calories than riding a bike at the same speed, so running may be the best option if you want to lose weight.

Joint Health

If running has the main disadvantage of being vulnerable, then cycling is very gentle.

The cycling involves liquid motion, circles, and relatively low impact. Run put a lot of stress on the joints of your lower body and spine. Although the surface of the treadmill’s conveyor belt is very flat, the joints of your lower body absorb most of the effects of the plane.

Treadmill Vs Bike

Which is better?

However, when you cycling, your bike suffers most of the impact, so cycling can be a better option than running if you want to avoid joint problems or you are in the process of recovery.

Biking is a weightless activity that will be better for your knees and joints. However, any exercise will help you improve your health and increased life expectancy. So cycling is a better choice for people with arthritis or osteoporosis.

Many people believe that exercise with a bike is not as effective as the exercise on the treadmill. However, if you know how to use your bike, you will get unexpected effects. Bicycle exercises meet the most important benefits of exercise regimen: increase health, enhance muscle activity and reduce or maintain weight.

Thus, we cannot be sure that the treadmill or bike is better because the decision depends on the needs and health condition each individual. However, no matter what you choose, stick with it and maintain your exercise for a long time for the best results.

Home Body Guide hopes that the above information is useful to you. Wish you have interesting training moments.